Building a Foundation

Building a Foundation...Together?

Normally we see people trying to build a foundation with someone that they consider "The One". What does it actually take to build that life together? How do you know if you're making the right decision?

Fellas not every lady that you come across is worth building a foundation with. A lady who is strong at the needed times and capable to help build with you is what you need. Try not to focus on growing for the present, but growing together and being patient for a stronger future so nothing can knock you down.

Ladies not every man that calls you beautiful cares about your goals. Looks won't last forever, accomplishing your dreams and goals will last a life time. Within that time, you and your partner should be growing and building together. At times it will be hard, but if both people are truly invested in each other, at the end y'all shall be one!

As we grow together, we begin to learn how we can balance each other. It will take time, but nothing worth having for comes easy. Can't force what's not there. You can only pray and have faith that good things come along.You will go through days that are not enjoyable. Things will happen that will challenge your strength and courage. Change, at times, can be good because it goes hand and hand with growth. The purpose for a relationship is to grow with each other for the next step. Obstacles will come along to overcome, that's where communication comes in. Build and grow together, love each other unconditionally. Be true to one another to where a picture of your love would be drawn, with your bodies as one.


Do you feel as if people can actually grow apart, or just time is needed and they can work it out?

What are some things to work it out??

#DaGlobe #Love #Growth #Consistency #SoarHigh #FaithAndCourage

Please comment below I'll love to hear your stories and thoughts, if you want me to discuss a specific topic please don't hesitate and write me on my Contact page ☺️

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