#ThenandNow !!!

That pic on the left is somewhere I will never go to again!! I was not a heavy kid while growing up, there might have been a time where I was consider chunky or husky, but NEVER obese. I was quite active, I love playing basketball (I was going to say LOVED but lol I still love it). I tore my MCL first while playing basketball and never thought anything of it. I tried to treat it on my own, which I failed at. I started to eat more, and began quickly gaining weight. I was not doing any physical activity besides walking to class, which, I hardly did anyway. After reaching my personal max at 255 pounds (I was 180 leaving high school) I pretty much gave up... Untilllll one day I found myself jumping an average height fence to get to my apartment, which I've done before plenty of times. This day seemed to be the day that my knee said "Hey J, Not Today".

When I tell you I landed and felt my knee give up on me, it was as if I was squatting in a strong mans competition. I was on the floor, well clay because it rained earlier, so basically I on the ground was filthy and in pain.

Long story short, (as if that wasn't long enough) I went to the doctor the next day got an MRI and the doctor cried for me because my knee was done for. He told me I need to lose the weight and get myself together. I then found a new love for the gym. This gym stuff is hard work and you must be dedicated! Even today I struggle, at 190 pounds as I find myself losing all my muscle gains. My goal is to have a Summer body all year. If you trying to workout letssss go, motivate yourself and others. Everyone needs a push its hard doing it alone. I want to enjoy reaching my goal with others with the same drive!! What are your goals? What have you been doing to reach those goals? Share the knowledge #Fitness #Transformation #Health #ISYMFS #TBT #GymRat #GymFlow #Abs #Flex #TeamFitness #Motivation #NikePlus #Gym #Gainz #Dedication

#DaGlobe #SoarHigh #FaithAndCourage

Please leave a comment below I'll love to hear your stories and thoughts, if you want me to discuss a specific topic please don't hesitate and write me on my Contact page ☺️

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