Self-Satisfaction with an Insecure Soul...

Something that pisses me the fwxk off (oh my language) about certain women, is that they care too much about their looks. The insecurities they have are so strong it gets to the point that Instagram and other forms of social media become how they self-validate for their own sanity. They get happy because a random person calls them attractive, but lose focus of the more important things in life. They hardly care and brush off anyone else in reality that's worried about them as people and their future and goals. Those guys who care deeper than looks are judged as being a weirdo and it's sad.

Ladies not everyman that calls you beautiful cares about your goals. Looks won't last forever, succeeding your dreams and goals is life time.

Looks will bring someone in initially, a conversation will make them interested, but a good heart and aspirations will eventually make you stay.

I wonder how many people out there admire strangers comments, you can be honest with yourself. Do you measure your likes and get excited? Do you get annoyed by someone you know personally who leaves (insert heart eyes emojis here) under your pics rather than a stranger?

Does the amount of likes actually make you happier??

#DaGlobe #SoarHigh #FaithAndCourage

Please leave a comment below I'll love to hear your stories and thoughts, if you want me to discuss a specific topic please don't hesitate and write me on my Contact page ☺️

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