I've been told to join the world of blogging, they say this is where I fit in... So hello lol. I'm Jamal and I go by 'Globe' for reasons I'll disclose later. Born and raised in Miami Florida, I graduated from North Miami Beach High School and am a college graduate of Florida Atlantic University. So south Florida is definitely my home and I know like it the back of my hand (cheesy line). I'm the Vice President/ Chief Marketing Officer of one of the biggest traveling parties in Florida called JuggFest. Throughout my life I've always been a people person and I enjoy conversing (favorite word ever) with others. Traveling with JuggFest allows me to open up to different people cause clearly we aren't all the same. I thought I knew a lot about people from just my undergrad years and being a person that individuals came to vent to about love. Once out of college the issues became worse, love and relationships seemed to be the topic of everyone's life. Most of the time everyone believes it's only females, but not at all. Men have their issues too. This is going to be interesting because I'll touch on EVERY topic, and I'll greatly appreciate feedback and help because, hey, we can all learn from each other. Ain't that right?!

#DaGlobe #SoarHigh #FaithAndCourage

Please leave a comment below I'll love to hear your stories and thoughts, if you want me to discuss a specific topic please don't hesitate and write me on my Contact page ☺️


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