If you have talent, together we can sell it. If you are getting started or just trying to take that next step in your career, we can make it happen. Visit my Clients page to see testimonials from past and present clients and how I have helped them work their plan.  Contact me so we can get you started on your plan today. 


Wellness Coach


If your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then let me be your guide. From workouts to healthy meal choices, I have had to overcome both mental and physical struggles when an  injury left me on the verge of obesity, weighing 255 pounds. Digging within myself I found the same motivation I have provided to others to build myself back up. I worked hard and got down to 190 pounds, which I consider one of my greatest accomplishments. I know how hard it is for others to want to reach a level and just not have the motivation to get there. Let me be your coach!

Professional connections


As your Marketing Guru, I will use my professional connections to promote you and your brand. From social media to out in the field, I have a vast network of professional connections that can take you or your business to the next step. Building brands is what I do. I'll give you tips and tricks to take you to that next level through these in person and social connections. 

Professional Trainer


I am proud to announce that as of September 27, 2015 I am a Certified Personal Trainer, recognized through the Athletic Certification and Training Commission. This certification allows me to specialize in the following categories and more: Anatomy, Biomechanics and Kinesiology, Client Assessment, Program Design, Working with Common Injuries and Conditions, and Nutrition Principles.