The idea behind #GlobeRelief #GlobeHaitiRelief was to help aid the people of Haiti with some basic needs. Let me tell you, my experience was a huge success!

I turned 30 in June and living to this age in a different environment is a blessing, so I figured why not bless someone else. At the time I wanted to create an experience where I would be able to enjoy myself and learn about a culture that I’m a part of and know little about. I decided the best way to celebrate the big 3-0 would be to lending a helping hand.



I raised money and went to Haiti with a team and deliver the goods while cutting out the middle man. I reached out to anyone willing to travel and help, and many of the travelers were nurses, social workers, and humanitarians.


With the money I raised (and still trying to raise) I purchased school and hygiene products among other items and traveled with them to local villages. I was able to distribute to actual people in need. This experience made it even more exciting to know that with a little efforts, I helped the kids there. Just volunteering my time made such a difference in their lives and brought so much joy to them.


Love and laughter are universal languages and can help heal wounds. I plan to make this Globe Relief service trip a tradition and ongoing effort. WISH ME LUCK!!



To donate and find out about upcoming trips …

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