My clients can expect a various amount of services. This can range anywhere from client placement, career connections, to wellness training & life coaching. Whatever the challange, we can achieve your goals together. The key to my approach is getting to know you as an individual, helping you develop a plan, and from there putting things in motion. Throughout your journey there will be obstacles, but I will be there to encourage and guide you to the next step.


Radio Jamez //


Starting brand new as a college student in

a new city (Boca Raton), I had no idea how

I would start my career I left back in Miami as

a DJ.  Luckily, I met Jamal who quickly turned

into a friend and took an interest in my career.  Jamal single handedly took my career to another level. My first year as a college DJ all my bookings were through him. He got me my first job at an annual fraternity party with over 1500 people in attendance that helped me get the exposure I needed to take off. Jamal has been working with me ever since and I can honestly say I owe my career to him. 


Natalya "BAE" Miller //


Being a "Natural Hair - Ethnic Model" hasnt always been easy, I struggled with a great deal of body image and self acceptance issues. Jamal has helped me through this journey of self acceptance and I have learned what it means to truly love yourself. I use my modeling as a means to encourage other women to love their bodies, curves, and internal beauty.

Jamal is someone who I can count on to be there, to help me with my career, and to even go to shoots with me so there is always someone I trust with me.

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tia //
wellness client

I completely lost myself and started melting in depression. My only way out of stress was eating. Thanks to Jamal and his encouraging uplifting words he motivated me to want the best in life physically and mentally. Everyday he made sure I was doing the challenging workouts he gave me. It was tough in the beginning, but i was able to learn something new about myself and when i started seeing results. I learned that dedication comes with hardwork, hardwork comes with motivation, & motivation comes with change. Thank you Jamal for pushing me through my weight goal I am 60lbs lighter.

JuggNation //
party planners


Jamal R. Hamilton: Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer


 #JuggFest is a traveling adult soiree that can be found in many major cities. JuggFest  started in South Florida in September 2014. Since then, JuggFest has traveled to every major college town in the state of Florida and now is making its way through the nation. More than a party, JuggFest is an experience. JuggNation is promotional team of young entrepreneurs making sure that you live life to the fullest. 


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